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Osteoporosis Program

Thin is In - But Not for Your Bones or Brain Cells!

Course Description:

Have you been looking for an Osteoporosis and Alzheimer's Program that you can use in your Pilates Studio, Fitness or Physical Therapy Facility?   Be the first Physical Therapist, Fitness Professional or Pilates Teacher in your area to learn and present the newest most innovative, evidence based method for treating Osteoporosis and Alzheimer's using a set of Isometric Progressive Resistive Site Specific (IPRSS), bone loading exercises.  These bone loading exercises are based on an IPRSS theory which has been scientifically tested by two doctors in the Los Angeles area to stimulate bone and brain cell growth.  Add Pre-Pilates movements and Pilates based exercises to the program to round out a full body workout safely designed for those who want to prevent Alzheimer's and delay or improve Osteoporosis.

Who Needs This Course?

This program is essential for women, men, cancer survivors, asthma sufferers, anyone with an eating disorder and those who work with these clients or patients.

Course Objectives:

  • Discuss and demonstrate IPRSS exercises using a ball and strap that contribute to improved upper and lower extremity strength
  • Examine a variety of IPRSS exercises with modifications and contraindications
  • Assess which patients or clients will best benefit from IPRSS exercises
  • Develop an IPRSS rehabilitation and Pilates program that improves core stabilization, posture and promotes bone strength
  • Integrate therapeutic and Pilates exercises using the IPRSS method in your treatment plan or exercise program for improved functional outcomes

Who Should Attend?

This CEC course is ideal for Physical Therapists, Pilates Instructors, Fitness Teachers and any professionals in the health and fitness industry who wish to expand their repertoire.

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Ms. Wintroub has trained five of our top Pilates instructors. Every person she has sent to us has been more than ready to deal with all aspects of physical therapy and how it is best incorporated with Pilates... I like Barbara's work because she is always on the cutting edge of research...
Dan S.

Ms. Wintroub has trained five of our top Pilates instructors Every person she has sent to us has been more than ready to deal with all aspects of physical therapy and how it is best incorporated with Pilates...
Matt T Review for Aerobic Pilates Rx After reviewing the DVD's, I feel that I can add to my jump-board repertoire. As a Pilates teacher I'm always looking for new ideas to keep my teaching fun and interesting. I have taken a few courses in the jump-board, as I love working with the jump-board so ...
Carrie J

Barbara's strong knowledge of anatomy, physiology and Pilates combines to make Retrofit Pilates one of the best Pilates schools around...
Lori E

Jumpboard Course I really enjoyed taking Barbara Wintroub's jumpboard course. I find her teaching to be very precise. The information in the booklet is well presented and easy to follow as are the videos. The only thing that wasn't addressed was why certain clients she worked with wore shoes and ...
Rii S. .



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